Window Treatments?

Your rental apartment should not be allowed to dictate the style, particularly when it’s about the bare windows. Here is how you can be creative when it comes to choosing the temporary window treatments which will make you as well as your landlord happy.

Draw mock-up of the windows, including all measurements. The windows should be measured in length as well as width and you should also consider the surrounding moldings, radiators or even the window sills. Note down the distance between the ceiling and the window as well as any blinds that exist. Their placement should also be noted down as well. The things that surround the window as well as the size of your window will determine the level of creativeness that you can bring in it.

Check the lease of your Richardson tx apartments or give a call to your landlord for finding out the options that may be available to you. You will be allowed by some of the apartments to hang the hardware for window treatment if you agree patching the wall prior to leaving the unit. There are other landlords as well who would stress on leaving the vertical blinds as they are, and how ugly these blinds look isn’t a matter of their concern. If you want to make sure that your deposit is not lost, it is in your best interest to know that what your options are exactly when it comes to the window treatments prior to even starting to hammer or drill into the walls.

The next thing that you need to look into is the style. Do you prefer modern things and go for window film or want the traditional flowing drapes? The main thing for you here would be to go for the ideal style that you’d love and work around ways for making your window treatments easily hang-able, portable and non-intrusive. There can be many inspirational ideas that you can get from the online blogs or the interior design magazines.

The vertical blinds need to be camouflaged. For a fast DIY project, you can buy some rolls of the contact paper with patterns as well as a couple of scissors. The contact paper should be measured as well as cut lengthwise until you’ve got few pieces for covering a vertical blind. They need to be peeled and stuck as needed, covering the blind’s side which aces indoors as it closes. All of them should be covered, or the alternate ones can be covered for creating vertical stripes’ bands. While moving, just peel off contact paper and your apartment for rent faces no damage at all.

You can buy folding screen or room divider which can serve as the window treatment for nights. During day time, it can be folded up or displayed in some other area of your Richardson apartment, and you can rearrange it simply during nights for getting instant privacy along with some style against your bare window.